Web Conferencing In The Medical Instrumentation/Diagnostic Software Industry

Persyst Development Corporation, of Prescott, Arizona, is a developer of prescription-label medical device software for digital EEG (electroencephalogram) review, spike and seizure detection, neuro-ICU monitoring, brain mapping, neurosurgery, and other clinical EEG applications. The Company provides its software suite to doctors, hospitals, and clinics worldwide, where it is used for reviewing EEG recordings from a wide variety of acquisition systems, and provides automated detection of seizures and other clinically important changes in recordings. Automated detection and trending is important because each patient being monitored generates nearly 9,000 pages of EEG data every day. When monitoring critically ill patients in the ICU, timely detection and treatment of seizures and clinically important state changes can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Training is a critical element of the Company’s customer support services. Persyst’s customers – doctors, clinicians, and researchers – need timely, hands-on training to apply this sophisticated technology directly to patient care. The clinicians who use Persyst applications have hectic, unpredictable schedules. Remote online training, by Web conference, has proven to be the ideal solution.

Persyst uses RHUB Communications’ on-premise TurboMeeting Web conferencing appliance for its Web conferencing needs. Persyst owns and operates the Web conferencing hardware and software, giving them complete control and security, and eliminating monthly fees. TurboMeeting enables flexible scheduling, and allows Persyst to tailor training sessions to the specific clinical applications needed.

“We evaluated a number of mainstream Web conference solutions, and some obscure ones, too,” said Michael Guess, Chief Operating Officer at Persyst. “We chose RHUB’s TurboMeeting because it is top-of-class in capability, expandability, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use. TurboMeeting was the clear choice from a broad range of very capable solutions.”

Training and support is performed primarily in TurboMeeting’s “Application Sharing” mode, where the Persyst software application is shared from Persyst’s end, looking at the application from the clinician’s end. This allows the Persyst trainer to demonstrate the application of various detection and analysis tools in a variety of clinical applications, using real-word examples from the world’s leading Neuro Intensive Care and Epilepsy Monitoring Units.

TurboMeeting has several features that are fundamental to training support. It provides fast performance with high quality screen rendering. It accommodates varying screen sizes automatically, allows participants to share the mouse easily, and provides the ability to switch the active presenter (switch and share any participant’s screen). TurboMeeting also offers quick and easy client installation, with a very small download size.

“Our primary consideration was to provide our customers with effective and efficient training on the Persyst software suite,” added Mr. Guess. “TurboMeeting is used by our applications specialists at our Prescott office to conduct remote training every day, making TurboMeeting one of our most-used applications.”

“The EEG trending and waveform screens are very detailed, and the compression used by TurboMeeting keeps the display looking clear, crisp, and readable,” continued Mr. Guess. “The TurboMeeting client automatically accommodates users with differing screen resolutions. The utility of this cannot be overstated.”

Persyst also uses TurboMeeting for installations, upgrades, and technical support, using the “Remote Support” mode. Remote Support greatly simplifies software installation for the customer. TurboMeeting can be used to transfer files to the remote system, allowing Persyst to install and configure their software quickly, with minimum interruption of the clinician’s workflow.

TurboMeeting is clearly a cost-effective and efficient online training solution. It saves travel time and expense, and allows trainers to focus on helping clinicians. TurboMeeting also improves the efficiency and productivity of Persyst’s clients, because they can get hands-on assistance and training at the point of need, when they need it-without having to describe a clinical question best related visually, and without having to wait.

“After using the RHUB TurboMeeting client to connect with hundreds of health care facilities around the world, we are extremely happy with the reliability, ease-of-use, and terrific Web-conferencing experience we are able to provide,” said Mr. Guess. “Web conferencing and remote desktop support are mission-critical applications for our company. TurboMeeting meets these needs gracefully and without fuss.”

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