A new e-book launched to give insight to earn a good pharmaceutical sales job

Russell Sabella, a former Senior Sales Representative with GlaxoSmithKline in the Bronx, NY has penned down an e-book on the ways to earn a good career in the pharmaceutical industry. The author’s career with GlaxoSmithKline stemmed from April 2004 until June of 2008.

This e-book is a funny, witty and sometimes off the wall memoir which crashes into a “how to” genre for recent college graduates trying to get into the competitive pharmaceutical industry. I Wanna Pharma Job is written to make young people laugh, feel comfortable and understand what it takes to get into pharmaceutical sales. It is a personal account of what the author (Russell Sabella) experienced in his pursuit to get into the industry, and what to expect before you get into the industry.

A pharmaceutical sales job is not only salary based, but has other perks like incentives and bonus depending on the individual’s performance. In this, an individual has ample opportunities to make a name for him and earn a good amount by his performance. The corporates are always on the look out for a good sales person and getting yourself spotted in the market always means a door to growth. This e-book just provides a way to reach the desired destination with the skills and knowledge that will enable a great future.

The book is an insight into the career of the author’s experiences in the industry for 4 years and the accolades that were on the way like a $17,000 bonus in a sales quarter, President’s Cup Bonus Achievement- Additional $5,000 for highest sales growth, a top ten overall NYC ranking in the sales force in 2005 and many more. The author shares on how he got into the industry and became successful. The book is not meant to be boring, or tell you that you need a resume, or buy a new suit which is not the only thing. The book in a clever, funny and meaningful way helps you to understand what it takes to get into this industry and succeed in it.

This e-book is a companion, a guide, mentor and a door to make a name for you in the pharmaceutical industry with the guidance from a person that has been into the limelight and has made his talent and skills be recognized in the industry with the many achievements.

For more information, please visit: http://www.drugrepcareer.com