Companies warned to “innovate or die” as the credit crunch crisis continues

Downturn brings rising demand for agility from techies, claims Firebrand Training

IT workers must steer their companies through the downturn by developing innovative, bespoke applications and embracing emerging models such as cloud computing, according to Rob Chapman, CEO of Firebrand.

In response to rising demand for skills in this area, Firebrand Training today unveiled two new courses which focus on developing bespoke web-based applications. Chapman said demand for places is already high as companies recognise the need to innovate through the downturn.

Firebrand Training has developed unique Accelerated Learning courses to provide application developers with the skills and knowledge to create web applications using Microsoft’s ASP.NET 3.5 framework.

The courses are ideal for developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
Rob Chapman, CEO of Firebrand Training, said: “Even successful companies tend not to

innovate during the good times at the same rate they do during lean times. After all, if something doesn’t appear broken people are less inclined to fix it. But now, companies need to focus on bringing greater efficiency, quicker response times and greater collaboration to their operations. For this reason many IT staff are looking to improve skills around developing web-based applications.”

“Those companies able to innovate stand the best chance of navigating the pitfalls of the downturn.”

Firebrand Training, the Accelerated Learning pioneer is now running two courses around the ASP.NET 3.5 framework for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. The first will last seven days and focus solely on web-based application development, with the second lasting nine days and incorporating data-based application development into the course using Microsoft’s ADO.NET 3.5.

After completing the course, successful students will be able to create, adapt and manage dynamic and interoperable web-based applications with ease.

Chapman added: “The new Microsoft ASP.NET and ADO.NET 3.5 courses will allow for application developers using the new Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to create agile and flexible applications bespoke to their organisations.”


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Firebrand Training is challenging the way in which professional training is delivered.

Firebrand Training, formerly known as The Training Camp, has pioneered Accelerated Learning courses for busy IT professionals. The organisation’s innovative approach to course delivery has led to its status as the Institute of IT Training’s “IT Training Company of the Year” for the past three consecutive years.

Students are totally immersed in the subject matter, receiving an average of 12 hours intense tuition per day at a residential training site. Subject experts implement a range of teaching methodologies designed to fit with how we best understand and retain information during different periods in the day. Accelerated Learning is an attractive proposition for contractors, whose time commands very high premiums, and employers who need to minimise staff absence. Firebrand Training has an above average pass rate of 85% – confounding critics’ claims that Accelerated Learning fails to produce results.

Firebrand Training was founded by Robert Chapman and Stefano Capaldo in Summer 2001 as The Training Camp. Stefano was a former student in the US and rated the company’s approach so highly that he decided to launch a programme of courses in the UK. The organisation has since been recognised by Microsoft as a Gold Partner for Learning Solutions (MCPLS) and over 12,000 students have been trained in the UK to date. The success of the company enabled the management team to relaunch as Firebrand Training, which is focused on delivering training courses specifically designed for a European market.

Firebrand Training offers a range of courses covering all major vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Sun, and Novell, as well as specialist certifications in the areas of security, business intelligence, project and business process management.

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