Retail Eyes offering to pay UK consumers to shop

Retail Eyes – the UK’s largest mystery shopping company is looking to expand their database of shoppers across the UK. From Penzance to Stranraer and numerous towns in between, Retail Eyes is working with some of the UK’s largest retailers to find out what the public’s perceptions of customer service are, and they’re willing to pay for that knowledge.

In these times of financial belt-tightening, retailers want to find effective ways attract and keep their customers and they can’t depend on pricing strategies alone to achieve this. On average, a 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10%.* On this premise, improving customer service the cheapest way of beating the competition. So by working with Retail Eyes, many well known high street brands get that customer feedback through the mystery shopping process for which the mystery shopper is reimbursed for their time, feedback and purchases.

Mystery shopping is easy to fit into the normal shopping routine, whether in the lunch hour or evenings or weekends. Retail Eyes will pay its registered mystery shoppers to visit pubs, restaurants, shops and even stay in luxury hotels. The mystery shoppers then answer a short web-based questionnaire giving feedback on their shopping experience. As well as being reimbursed for any purchases, they can be paid anything from £10 to £30 just for taking part.

This is a fun way to earn some extra cash, which is especially welcome as we approach one of the busiest and most financially demanding shopping seasons during Christmas. Every retailer or service provider will be striving to offer the consumer a high quality experience, from first contact right through to after-sales support. But how well are they managing to deliver that service?

Simon Boydell, Marketing Manager for Retail Eyes says:

In these tough times, Mystery shopping is a fantastic way to continue doing the things you love to do but with the added bonus of getting paid for it. Of course, it is vital that people are honest in their feedback about their experiences as it is through this feedback, retailers are able to improve the service they give and improve customer loyalty while consumers get to enjoy better service experiences”.

People may have heard about mystery shopping before but never known how to get involved. To become a mystery shopper with Retail Eyes is completely free. For more information, visit their website: and complete a short form about yourself. Then you will be notified via email of the mystery shopping assignments that are available.

* “Leading on the Edge of Chaos”, Emmett C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy, 2003.


For editors only: If there are any Editors who would like to try the mystery shopper experience with Retail Eyes, please contact Simon Boydell directly by email with your contact details to register. Please put the following in the ‘subject’ box: “MYSTERY SHOPPING EDITORS”.

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