New Wikipedia style twinning website launched

TellMeTwin is celebrating its launch today. The innovative new website uses self psychoanalysis and personality tests to connect users to ‘personality twins’.

From today, it is now possible to register for TellMeTwin, the website aiming to identify and connect users with their ‘twins’. Twins are people with similar interests and personality types who can be relied upon to give advice and recommendations that are actually useful.

TellMeTwin takes the results from its unique selection of personality tests, self psychoanalysis and other user-generated material, and then applies its sophisticated mathematic systems to match users with unprecedented accuracy.

From useful recommendations on food, movies and collectibles and help with major life decisions and even mundane day-to-day ones – it is hoped TellMeTwin users will make real lifelong friends.

The website also offers users the opportunity to identify and interact with their best romantic matches and their ‘evil twins’. Evil twins are in no way bad people, but rather a user’s least similar matches – polar opposite tastes, beliefs and opinions. It could provide the perfect opportunity to find out if opposites really do attract.

Icelandic entrepreneur, Einar Sigvaldason came up with the TellMeTwin idea in 2001 while studying at Berkeley University. “I founded TellMeTwin because I wanted movie and song recommendations from someone who I can trust to think like me”, said Sigvaldason. “I’ve also always loved self-psychoanalysis. I felt there was a need for an online application; not just personality tests but also a way to rate my likes, dislikes and life experience in order to map myself more deeply than before.

The TellMeTwin tagline, “digging deeper” is a reference to users’ ability to find out more about themselves and others – and then actually use the information for something.

It is now possible to sign up for the website quickly and easily at