Businesses should invest in integrated software solutions, but consult experts first

Large organisations have been running business-wide software solutions to run all aspects of their business for many years – making the same fully integrated and synchronised data available to everyone in the business whenever they need it. However, small businesses have been lagging behind, running different applications in different areas of the business and manually piecing together the data at a later time.

Rebecca Haines from DMC Software Solutions says: “Facing ever increasing demands to improve efficiency and optimise productivity, smaller businesses are being forced towards integrated software solutions to survive in an increasingly competitive market. The question is: with their notorious costs and complexity, can small businesses really afford to invest in complete business solutions?”

Integrated business solutions allow for complete coherence throughout your business. From accounts and CRM to E-marketing and human resources, all departments within businesses can be working from the same real time information.

Integrated software suites can track the entire process from initial enquiry, sale, invoice, delivery and after sales service. Serving to remove hold ups, technical difficulties and miscommunications during the sale process, integrated business solutions can help maximise productivity, increase sales and improve customer service.

Deciding to invest in a potentially expensive and complex business solution can be a difficult decision, especially for a small business. The possibility of teething problems, training requirements and inevitable support contacts means that introducing an integrated business solution is a real investment and is much more involving than simply installing out of the box software.

But Rebecca Haines of says the potential costs and difficulties involved in installing such software should not necessarily put smaller business off investing, as for the right business; integrated software can be a revolution. And the benefits of integrated software solutions more than out way the cons.

Successful pre sales project management, project scoping and consultancy are vital in ensuring that the business gets the system that exactly meets the needs.

“When it comes too integrated software there is no one size fits all solution,” says Rebecca.

Integrated business solutions are less expensive than they once were and there are plenty available in the small business market. Furthermore, once installed, business will begin to see return on investment.

Integrated business solutions can give you the ability to compete with larger organisations, removing your inefficiencies and allowing you to concentrate on increasing sales and improving customer service.

“Providing that time is invested in choosing the system it is more than a worthy investment.”

About DMC Software

DMC Software Solutions is a specialist in training, supporting, supplying and implementing Sage CRM business solutions and the full range of Sage integrated accountancy software for companies.

Keeping over 2300 customers in the UK and Europe satisfied, the DMC Software team has received a number of awards from Sage UK over the last six years.

DMC Software are experienced implementing accounting and CRM solutions in small and midsized markets means there is no one better placed than DMC to deliver your Sage accountancy, CRM or a totally integrated Sage Suite.

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