Tell Me Twin – the new social networking site

Tell Me TwinAn innovative website which finds people’s ‘twins’ from all over the world is scheduled for launch this summer.

Tell Me Twin is a groundbreaking new website which enables users to find other people who think just like them and use their profile to help make daily life choices.

The Wikipedia inspired site uses a sophisticated range of personality tests and online self psychoanalysis (the rating of likes and dislikes), and then compares results using an advanced set of mathematical formulae to reveal other users with the closest personalities.

Users will also be able to identify and interact with their ‘evil twins’ (those with opposite tastes and personality), and even find best romantic matches.

Tell Me Twin aims to be one of the Internet’s most dynamic tools for collecting and analysing huge amounts of user generated data – and then using sophisticated analysis to match like-minded individuals.

Users will quickly be able to build up a bank of twins with whom to share stories, interests and recommendations in complete safety. The website will not distribute users’ private data and the user will remain in charge of their own identity, with the ability to delete whatever they want.

Tell Me Twin’s slogan is “Digging Deeper”, a reference to its unrivalled ability to compare and match people’s tastes and personalities, ultimately opening up a whole new world of film, art, books and collectibles that the user may never have known about before.

Tell Me Twin is currently in Beta Testing and is inviting potential members to sign up now and help fine tune the website to their personal taste.

For more information on Tell Me Twin and to sign up to the Beta Testing phase visit