Expert advice key to successful implementation of CRM software

CRM systems are widely used, but businesses using CRM software find their biggest challenge is choosing the correct CRM system and using it to its full potential. Getting expert advice and training is crucial, says CRM systems specialist DMC Software Solutions.

CRM systems have revolutionised how businesses manage their data and relationship marketing, however, many organisations are still failing to get the most out their CRM software. The key to getting the best return on investment is seeking expert advice and undertaking structured training, says CRM software specialist DMC Software Solutions.

CRM software is a big business today. Over 40% of businesses in the high technology, aerospace and retail sectors across the US and Europe have invested in CRM software, as well as two thirds of telecom operators and over half of financial services, pharmaceuticals and transport.

There are obvious advantages to using CRM software; it’s a large part of relationship marketing today. And in today’s competitive market it’s difficult to comprehend that businesses can survive without it, but many businesses still have their fair share of CRM software related issues.

The big problem with CRM systems is selecting the correct CRM software for company needs and getting the right amount of advice and training to ensure it reaches its potential. Resources are easily wasted without careful consideration and help, warns CRM specialist DMC Software Solutions.

A recent survey highlighted some of the main problems with CRM software – these mainly stemmed from choosing the right CRM software, dealing with the right software supplier to help them get the most out of their software and issues with integrating their CRM data with their other software systems.

In fact, 67% said that finding time to chose and evaluate their CRM software was a major issue, 51% said that synchronising data was a major issue and 43% said that they were using less than half of their CRM systems functionality.

“One of the main risks involved in a CRM investment is businesses ensuring they have the right CRM software and the right supplier to be able to provide them with adequate training and business advice.

The CRM software must be feature-rich to provide a company with much more than just a database solution, but at the same time it must be easy-to-use and it must provide real-time integration with other business software and data,” says DMC Software Solutions Marketing Manager Rebecca Haines.

Many CRM software suppliers claim to be experts in the CRM business, when in fact CRM is not their core business software and their understanding of relationship marketing is actually very weak.

“It’s important for businesses to choose a supplier who really understands CRM and can not only sell the benefits of the software but actually understand them and help to implement them in each unique business model,” Rebecca continues.

“It is also important for businesses to think outside the box when it comes to their CRM software – no two organisations use the same processes and should therefore look beyond out of the box solutions. The scope of customisation is extremely important and worth the additional investment to ensure it’s an exact fit”

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