Take your team to the top with Afterburner

Looking for a high impact keynote or workshop to take you to new heights? The Right Address can now offer Afterburner – a group of men and women fighter pilots who provide a powerful, relevant message – with fun, focus and finesse.

“Frankly, we were blown away. The presentation was very high energy, very focused with excellent relevant content.” AIM

Modern business has many parallels with the supersonic cockpit. Both are fast paced, technologically challenging and highly competitive.

Afterburner specialises in showcasing practical techniques that help companies succeed. World renowned for their high energy events, Afterburner works closely with clients to get a thorough briefing about your needs and tailors their message to ensure your success.

“I was impressed with how Afterburner really listened to our needs and came up with a programme that delivered. We are in a fast paced and challenging business environment. The Afterburner team excels in these environments and the events they put on helped us move forward rapidly.” Coca Cola

Afterburner provides keynote speeches, team days, planning workshops and bespoke activities developed for each individual client. Speakers include D-Reg: leader of the UK’s ‘Top Gun’ academy, Mitch: the world’s first female fast jet pilot, Dewey: a US fighter pilot and entrepreneur who has started five businesses in the past decade, Prov: a member of the UK’s elite Red Arrows demonstration team and JS: a graduate of the Commando training course who has earned an MBE for his outstanding achievements. See

Author: Jane French

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