CRM systems make marketing easier, but many campaign managers are unaware

CRM systems in marketing campaigns not used to full potentialBy using CRM systems to manage their marketing campaigns, Marketers can get better results and save time and money in the process. The current high-end CRM systems, such as SalesLogix, are ideal for optimising digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

Using the wealth of data contained in a company’s CRM system is the best way to target the right people with the right information. However, many Marketers are still unaware of the sophisticated uses they can employ or do not have the resources to hand to fulfil each campaign to its full potential.

Every company’s CRM system contains a vast depositary of contact data that can be exploited in marketing campaigns to ensure relevant and targeted literature is distributed.

CRM systems can be hugely beneficial to marketing campaigns as some have integrated features that are designed specifically to allow marketers to easily extract the useful data held within the system.

Rebecca Haines of says: “The real marketing benefit of a CRM system is wealth of information that is stored within it. Names, contact details, purchase preferences and location can all provide marketing departments with an edge. Without the means to extract this information it is essentially useless.”

Some systems, such as SalesLogix contact manager software, even have custom designed marketing modules with sophisticated analytic features, adding extra functionality to marketing departments.

These add-ons, which can also found in mid market solutions like SalesLogix, cover a number of features comprising campaign management, email marketing, dynamic segmentation, campaign reporting and lead capture. Utilising each of these features can add an extra dimension to the marketing mix and have a real impact on the success of any marketing campaign.

CRM systems, such as SalesLogix, are also excellent organisation tools, as they allow all members of staff to keep track of tasks, to-dos and targets – whether they sit in the company.

Furthermore, campaign management features in marketing modules allow marketing staff to track every stage of the marketing process; from budgets and released material, to generated leads and follow through sales.

Says Rebecca: “CRM systems can help to ensure that marketing proposals stay on track and are delivered on time and in budget.”

Essentially marketing modules can reduce the amount of time spent setting up and maintaining marketing campaigns. Campaign management functionality can be of huge benefit to marketing personnel and can improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Rebecca concludes: “There can be little doubt that the majority of businesses will benefit from marketing modules attached to their CRM systems.

“Integration with CRM products allows for useful data to be utilised to its full potential, furthermore the organisational benefits that campaign management features offer will be invaluable to the majority of marketing departments, no matter how large or small.

“A CRM system, such as SalesLogix, that is designed to work with a marketing department will become essential in the future.”

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