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6 March 2008 – InternationalRail.com today announced the addition of the Japan Rail Pass section to its international rail pass and tickets offerings, including Europe, Australia, North America and New Zealand. InternationalRail.com is offering the most complete selection of Japan Rail Passes available on the Internet to British travellers.

“Similar to Europe, Japan has an extensive rail network and trains such as the Super Ozora, the Narita Express, and the Sonic provide visitors a fun, hassle-free and economical way to tour Japan,” said Omid Golshan, Vice President of eCommerce, InternationalRail.com. “InternationalRail.com is the only truly global rail booking site for British travellers. Our mission is to educate world travellers about the convenience, economy, and ease of rail travel, and make it incredibly easy and cost-effective to book.”

InternationalRail.com is offering the most extensive selection of passes for British customers, including the Japan Rail Pass, Japan Rail East Pass, Japan Rail West Pass Kansai and Japan Rail Pass West Sanyo.

The Japan Rail Pass
Explore the “Land of the Rising Sun” on the famous Shinkansen “Bullet” trains with the Japan Rail Pass. This pass covers all of the Japan Rail Network giving you the freedom to explore the whole of this ancient country. Information and Prices for the Japan Rail Pass

The Japan East Rail Pass
The Japan Rail East Pass covers the Greater Tokyo area, the Tohoku region and surrounding areas. Tokyo the highly developed capital of Japan needs no introduction and will probably be the starting point of any trip to Japan. Information and Prices on the Japan East Rail Pass

The Japan West Rail Passes
There are two Japan West Rail Passes, Japan West (Kansai Area) Rail Pass and Japan West (Sanyo Area) Rail Pass. Kansai is an area in the south central region of Honshu Island. In contrast to the nearby Tokyo area, Kansai is famous for its idiosyncrasies here you can still get an idea of old Japanese culture. Sanyo is an area in the south of Honshu Island. Meaning “sunny side of the mountains” this delightful region consists of Osaka, Okayama and the infamous Hiroshima. Information and Prices on the Japan West Rail Passes

All of the Japan Rail Passes are valid for 7, 14, or 21 days of within one month on railways, buses and ferry boats. Most trains have coach class and superior class, and seat reservations may be made. A 7-day, adult 2nd class Japan Rail Pass starts at £169, that is less than £25 per day for unlimited train travel in Japan

Eligibility & Conditions
The Japan Rail Pass is available for foreign tourists visiting Japan as a “Temporary Visitor,” or are a Japanese national living in a foreign country permanently. Visit InternationalRail.com/Japan for more information on eligibility.

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