Fujitsu Services extends Finnish bakery IT contract

Helsinki (eNewsWire) 20 December 2007 – Vaasan & Vaasan has renewed its IT infrastructure outsourcing agreement wih Fujitsu Services in Finland for the next three years.

More than 400 of Vaasan & Vaasan’s desktop computers in 15 towns across Finland are managed by Fujitsu’s Patja service. The Patja ICT operating model assumes overall responsibility for the support services, operation and development of customers’ IT infrastructure and operational applications.

The renewed agreement has been expanded to cover printing management, server capacity, Mobile Professional and lifecycle management for mobile devices. In addition, Vaasan & Vaasan’s e-mail and application platform, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server, will be provided as service.

The amount of bread baked at Vaasan & Vaasan varies from day to day and is based on orders that determine what is needed for the next morning. Seamless IT infrastructure is of prime importance in order to keep this process from working as smoothly as possible.

“IT has contributed in our ability improve our delivery reliability to a good level and to keep it there,” said Vaasan & Vaasan director, Vesa Moisio. “However, the process is vulnerable and easily disturbed if the IT becomes flawed.”

Moisio added: “As a whole, our six-year collaboration with Fujitsu has been a positive experience. Having the development and monitoring activities taken care by a partner, we’ve been able to focus particularly on resource planning and developing our repository system.”

Moisio mentions scalability as the biggest advantage of buying server capacity; “We have embarked on projects where servers located at Fujitsu’s data centre serve as application platforms for our sites in Sweden and the Baltic countries. Scalability in these projects is a very valuable quality to us.”

With over 2,300 employees in Finland and the Baltic countries, Fujitsu Services Oy is the leading supplier of IT services to businesses and organisations in the area. Fujitsu’s other strengths include mobile work services, electronic services and Microsoft and SAP based solutions.

Fujitsu Services in Finland is part of the Fujitsu Group which has a network of 160,000 employees in 70 countries and is one of the largest IT services providers in the world.

Visit the Fujitsu Finland website for further information on IT services in Finland and the Baltic.

Satu Pelttari
Fujitsu Services Finland
Tel. + 358 45 7880 9624