Sainsbury’s Basics as designed by Williams Murray Hamm grow fifty percent in one year

Williams Murray Hamm designAccording to Retail Week, sales of Sainsbury’s Basics own-label value range are 50% higher than a year ago. This is on top of a 30% growth for the previous year. Sainsbury’s Basics was named and designed by Williams Murray Hamm and features simple graphics with a witty product doodle and strapline.

Richard Murray, founder of WMH, puts the success of the Basics range down to the way the packs ‘highlight the product compromise in a witty way and let the consumers fill in the gaps’.

‘Given that price has become such a key driver, there are limits to what anyone can expect packaging to do. Brand-owners can’t rely on a familiar logo to sell products; they need to demonstrate why a product is different, better or more appropriate’ he adds.

It is also worth noting that there is a Facebook group ‘It’s all about the Sainsbury’s Basics’ which boasts more than 1000 members, all praising the range, with some creating WMH inspired slogans, such as ‘Mushy peas – more mushy, still lovely’.

The success of Sainsbury’s Basics is further proof of the business value of ideas driven design.

Williams Murray Hamm also created the name and packaging for Sainsbury’s SO organic range which restored Sainsbury’s to the No1 own label organic brand.

Visit their website to view more of Williams Murray Hamm’s product packaging design work.