Internet Marketing, Economy and Urban Tourism

Conference on Internet Marketing, Economy and Urban Tourism to be held by Kaspid Fava Gostar

The Fourth Conference on Internet Marketing, Economy and Urban Tourism will be held by Kaspid and Fava Gostar Sharif on Aug 15th 2014 in Milad Tower’s International Conference Hall.

At the Conference, five ‘international masters of internet marketing’ will share the latest information, techniques and achievements with the audience. This is one of the most important conferences for entrepreneurship in Iran in order to create more than 150,000 jobs within internet marketing (President of Iran: Rohani).

The Conference, which is of interest to merchants, business and brand owners and managers of companies and organisations related to Tourism and Economy, aims to study the most recent strategies on branding, sales increase and market development.

Some of the main topics of the conference are:

  • Identifying the potentials of internet marketing in the urban economy
  • Identifying the role of branding in the economic development of emerging cities
  • Identifying the role of information technology in the development of the tourism industry
  • Using the power of social networking and online marketing to attract tourists and develop the tourism industry
  • Internet marketing and its influence on encouraging international investments
  • Online business start-up procedures in order to create new jobs

Lecturers at the conference are:

Mr Jose L. Truchado
SEO & SEM expert, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Executive of Expedia

Mr Kaspar Szymanski
From 2006 to 2013 at Google Search Quality team, now SEO and Co-founder of

Mr Bas Van Den Beld
Marketing Speaker, Trainer, Strategist and Founder/CEO/CMO of State of Digital

Mr Kristjan M. Hauksson
European Search Personality of the year 2014

Mr. Alain Heureux
Former President and CEO of IAB Europe (European Interactive Advertising Trade Association)

Mr Hamid Sepidnam
Chairman of the Board of Kaspid Co.

Among sponsors: Tehran Municipality, Qatar Airlines, Rightel, Tosee Insurance, Milad Tower, Golestan Co, Motel Ghoo, Sahel Aftab Agency and Refah Chain Stores.

The conference will also be held at the following places:

  • Karaj by Sadena on Aug 16th
  • Mashhad by Modir Bartar on Aug 17th
  • Isfahan by Learn Business on Aug18th
  • Shiraz by Empires Group on Aug 19th
  • and finally in Bandar Abbas by Azarak Holding Group 20th of Aug.

For further information, please contact us on 22355829-31 (Iran)