The worlds largest GuitarParty

Mosfellsbær, Iceland, 2. May 2011- Thrihofdi ehf, a small Icelandic startup just announced the private beta launch of, a global edition of the Icelandic site The site, which has been in the works for the past few months, enables users to play songs, transpose chords to a suitable
key, watch and listen to YouTube videos with the songs for further understanding.

Furthermore the user is able to select his favorite songs and save them into a songbook, which can be downloaded as a PDF file and printed our for personal use. When asked about why launching a global version of a small local site, Kjartan Sverrisson, the company’s CEO replied: “Since the launch of in 2008 our popularity in Iceland has grown exponantially and recently reached a point where Icelandic users abroad were asking for a localized version to use with their friends. Seeing how well the Icelandic version was accepted among users, we had to launch.”

Royalties and copyright issues
The site originally started as a hobby amongh friends, but even as a hobby the site owners paid royalties to STEF in Iceland and has continued to do so throughout the growth. is currently negotiating the rights to use song lyrics in the global marketplace. “We firmly belive song writers should be paid fairly for the use of their songs online. There are multiple sites out there that publish lyrics and guitar chords without obtaining any rights to do so. This is online landscape we want to change.”

The worlds largest GuitarParty?
The company has planned several interesting features to firmly place the website at the top of people’s minds in terms of online guitar playing.
“The most entertaining parties are where talented guitarplayers join hands with people who love singing and for that reason we belive will become the worlds largest guitar party.”

For more information contact:
Thrihofði ehf
Kjartan Sverrisson, CEO
S: +354 897 2099