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Scandinavian news channel, IceNews has been covering the latest developments regarding Icesave and the recent Icesave referendum result. One such post, scored from the Icelandic Prime Minister’s office, explains some vital information that has generally been left out in the international media.

The most recent article, titled, UK, Netherlands taxpayers will still get Icesave cash back after Iceland no vote, explains that, despite some confused reports to the contrary, this weekend’s Icesave referendum result does not mean Iceland will withhold refunds to the British and Dutch governments for the money they lost bailing out Icesave account holders in 2008.

According to IceNews, Landsbanki, whom operated Icesave accounts in the Netherlands and the UK, says it should be able to retrieve 90-100 percent of lost money for priority claimants over the next few years – including the British and Dutch governments. And furthermore, a third of that amount is due to be paid out this year. The Icesave referendum has no impact on the winding up of Landsbanki or to the payment amounts or time schedule. It only dictates to whom the money will be paid.

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