Israel to set a record in Pet Flights this summer

Terminal4Pets, the Israeli pet flight agency that sets new standards in pet shipping services, foresees a significant increase in demand for pet shipments to/from Israel during the summer of 2011.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, founder and CEO of Terminal4Pets: “globally speaking, more than 10 million animals will be shipped by air (domestic or internationally) by the end of 2011 and more than 40% are expected to be home pets. Israel has yet to become a pioneer in pet shipping but is definitely in for a dramatic increase this year with an estimated 9,000 pets that are scheduled to be imported or exported to Israel during the summer rush (July-August-September). Last year there were about 8,000 pets flying to/from Israel during those month, hence we are looking at an increase of 11-12 percent.”

According to a new research performed by the statistic department at Terminal4Pets we will also witness a change in the distribution datum: for almost a decade 60% of the pets were exported from Israel and only 40% where imported. This year we are expecting a changeover with 53% pet imports to Israel and only 47% exports.

According to Dr. Kreiner, when it comes to pet imports and exports, Israel is considerably fair as we don’t have a quarantine (fore example Australia or UK) nor do we require that pet be shipped via cargo only (like South Africa and Singapore) but we do have our rules and standards when it comes to pet importation and exportation and on May 2010 the Minister of Agriculture Affairs ruled in favor of the Rabies Blood Test which has made the pet importation process even more challenging, but in general perspective Israel is a pet tolerant country that welcomes newcomers, returning travelers and even tourists with their pets.

Terminal4Pets was established as part of “The House of Veterinary Doctors” in Maccabin (nearby Ben Gurion Airport) in order to provide advanced solutions for pet shipping to/from Israel and the entire Middle East region. The company’s comprehensive Pet Flight Services include: flight tickets for people and their pets, flight veterinarian consultation (in regards to vaccinations, preventive treatments, health certificates etc.), import/export permits and other documents needed for traveling and relocating with pets, overnight boarding facilities, pre-flight ground services including shuttles to the airport etc.

Dr. Kreiner: “In order to reach out to our target audience, especially Zionists from North American and Western Europe, we work with the leading operators within the tourism sector and are affiliated with brands such as EL-AL, LAUFER AVIATION GHI etc. We also work hand in hand with Jewish organizations (such as Nefesh Be Nefesh) and that allows us to offer our full range of services to pet owners worldwide.”

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