Traditional Icelandic herbal remedies online from SagaMedica

voxis_newFor hundreds of years, Icelanders have used the products of their wild nature to promote health and vitality. Modern Icelanders are some of the longest-lived people on the planet and now Icelandic herbal remedy manufacturer SagaMedica, which produces dietary supplements from Icelandic medicinal herbs, has opened a new online store which ships worldwide and delivers products directly through mail slots.

SagaMedica specialises in researching traditional remedial herbs from Iceland and producing a variety of dietary supplements from them. Their products, most of which are made from the Icelandic Angelica archangelica herb, address issues such as nocturia, cold prevention and asthma, among others.

Kristinn Leifsson, director of online marketing at SagaMedica says: “We have been looking at ways of bringing our products to other markets for some time. They have been distributed in Norway for a number of years, but now we also want to be able to sell directly to customers. We are really pleased to have our online store up and running and we expect it to grow quite fast,” he adds.

Exports from Iceland have become more attractive than ever over the last year or so, due to the current exchange rate of the Icelandic krona. Many export companies, whose products have up until now been hampered by an unfavourably high exchange rate, are now seeking ways to promote their products online.

With this in mind, SagaMedica has redesigned its entire product range so that it can easily fit through home letterboxes, which Mr. Leifsson says is extremely important. “If we expect people to become repeat customers, the delivery method has to be a comfortable one”, he says, adding: “We can’t expect people to be excited about going to the post office month after month to pick up our products”.

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