Simply Answer provides ask a doctor services for medical help seekers

Ask the doctor service by facilitate users to ask questions that are answered directly by doctors and experts. It can be done from the comfort of a drawing room and costs next to nothing. It is targeted to help you get customized answers to your specific symptoms. has re-shaped it’s offering. Given the beeline made by consumers for information during epidemics, Simply Answer found something missing. It is not possible for people to get customized information based on their symptoms, except from their doctor. And Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) was a classical case. It is many times very hard for people to understand general instructions and apply to their symptoms. Not everyone can do that effectively. For example in Swine Flu’s case a common viral infection could lead to paranoia while a few other times Swine Flu symptoms could have been ignored as common viral fever.

What better than the ability to “ask a doctor”? Usually people would feel cagey to walk into a clinic and ask the doctor for a fear of unnecessarily being paranoid. In another times it could be the embarrassment of checking up with the doctor frequently. It could lead to lot money spent on such visits, as everything is not absorbed by Insurances worldwide.

Simply Answer therefore configured it’s online question answer platform to cater to “small” questions resolution that get quick and sharp replies. All doctor and expert profiles are displayed on the web site. Ask a doctor service makes it possible for users to ask questions for as little as $4. It uses a discretionary rate fixing format where customers can attach a value to their question. Typically customers can define a pre-set $4, 7 or 10 or anything above 10 (which is not pre-set). The value usually dictates how much weight a customer attaches to the information and since all values are small it is about relativity only. The expert’s opinion is still accurate and is largely dictated by the topic/ query at hand.

Ask the doctor has tried to reach out to a larger audience that is skeptical to discuss everything with the doctor or simply too lazy to step out. The cost of a trial is very low.

About Simply Answer

We are a team of tech savvy professionals who decided to create this website to real, live medical experts to answer your questions 24/7, 365 days an year, round the clock. The need for this website came up since search engines cannot provide human answers to questions, and an expert human knowledge is needed to answer specific questions, since the experience they have is an invaluable asset that search engines lack. The web site therefore offers a common platform for doctors and patients to interact with each other.

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