Internet expert addresses the challenges of online marketing


NUAS Communication Conference takes place in Iceland, hosting top Scandinavian and UK universities, and leading companies to share knowledge in  communication and marketing gained through years of experience.

This year 2009 NUAS Communication Conference will take place in Iceland (Reykjavik, Sunday 24th – 26th May 2009). The event will focus on changes in communications and talk about the role of communication skills and strategies to be able to help universities to effectively communicate in future. Workshops will aim to find approaches to handle necessary changes.

Among Tuesday’s facilitators is online marketing expert Kristjan Mar Hauksson, director of Internet marketing for Nordic eMarketing, a UK and Scandinavia based consulting company.

Nordic eMarketing is well known for its leading approach towards internet marketing, covering technical and creative aspects of the online world, web design, development and consulting. The company specialilises in working with universities, creating an effective online marketing plan reaching targeted audiences in a multi­lingual environment. Among their past and current university and education clients are Reykjavik University, Thames Valley, Brighton, Westminster Adult Education Services, Becta – Next Generation Learning and Oxford Business School.

Kristjan Mar is one of the founders of Nordic eMarketing and the company’s Online Search Director as well as top consultant. In his session on “Challenges in online marketing for Universities in an international environment” he will explore the Internet as a place where all universities are competitors and address the challenges university marketing staff face when applying for schools online is only one click away. Kristjan Mar is known for his hands-on approach and will present a case study and online marketing solutions for attendees to take home for immediate results.

Among other speakers are Jude Carroll – Oxford Brookes University, Charlie Nordblom, – Strategic Internal Communications Volvo Group, Sweden, Mr. Tim Rogers -International Education Consultants, UK, Liam FitzPatrick – Simply Good Advice, UK, Hilmar Veigar Ptursson – CCP, Iceland , Eirik Lian – NTNU Informasjonsavdelingen, Liam FitzPatrick – Simply Good Advice, UK, Kristina Kvarnevi and Maria Winther – Chalmers Tekniska hogskola, Christina Bostedt – Uppsala, Jo Hoyer – Universitetet i Bergen/ NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet.

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