Iceland Express offers discounted flights to Iceland

Iceland ExpressLow fares airline Iceland Express is currently offering flights to Iceland from as low as ₤52 from London, DKK 533 from Copenhagen and €71 from Berlin.

Reykjavik (eNewsWire) 14 January 2008 – For passengers wanting a mid-winter break, Iceland Express is offering a special deal on flights to Reykjavik, Iceland between January 15th and March 15th.

The offer, which starts at midday GMT today, gives passengers a unique opportunity to experience Iceland in mid-winter. Frozen waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and the spectacular Northern Lights are just some of the unique features making Iceland an increasingly popular destination for winter tourists.

Prices are from ₤52, €71 and DKK 533 one way, inclusive of taxes and fees. The number of seats and dates available is limited and the offer closes on January 16th at noon GMT.

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